Alis Holding

In addition to quality products, Alis has considered environmental protection and providing health for the consumers seriously.

Relying on technical knowledge and the best technology in the world, as well as producing with the highest quality and world standard, Alis MFG group has been able to allocate a significant share of the regional market to the beverage products.

تولید مکانیزه

Mechanized Production

توزیع سراسری

Countrywide Distribution

محصولات صادراتی

Export Products

بهترین مواد اولیه

Best Raw Material

تکنولوژی روز


Our Products

Healthy, high quality, special, tasty, popular, diverse and affordable

Doughs 4 Flavours
Milks 9 Flavours
Non-alcholic beers
Non-alcholic beers 5 Flavours
Nectars 7 Flavours
Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks 4 Flavours
Ceremonial juices