Green apple contains mineral substances, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, and etc. which are vital for human health. The iron in apples can increase the blood oxygen level and the speed of metabolism of the body.
This drink is full of antioxidants that can help the reconstruction and rejuvenation of the cells. Apple has many amazing benefits and Alis carbonated apple juice is rich in all these benefits and brings you the pleasure of having a delicious drink.

Nutritional value of Alis carbonated apple juice
Alis carbonated apple juice has plenty of nutrients such as Vitamin C, different kinds of vitamin B, and many other minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, and copper.
Due to its natural sugar, drinking a glass of Alis carbonated apple juice can provide about 10 percent of the needed carbohydrates by the body. Drinking Alis carbonated apple juice can fulfill almost 7 percent of the needed vitamin by the body; which is due to the presence of potassium in this drink.

Heart health
Apples are a great source of antioxidants that are absolutely useful for the heart’s health. Moreover, they can provide your body with potassium which is considered an important mineral substance for the body. So the daily drinking of Alis carbonated apple juice can improve the heart’s functioning.

Preventing asthma
One of the unique benefits of Alis carbonated apple juice is that it contains flavonoids. This useful substance is absolutely known for preventing asthma. Moreover, flavonoids perform a major role in strengthening and improving the effectiveness of your lungs. Therefore, the lungs of those who regularly drink Alis carbonated apple juice have a better function than other people.

Liver cleansing
The alkalis substances in Alis carbonated apple juice can maintain the ph level of the body, as well as the removing poisons and harmful wastes in the liver. The pectin in an apple’s skin can strengthen the digestion system.

Bone health
Apples provide you with some useful substances such as vitamin C, iron, boron, and more. These substances are vital for perfect and healthy bone construction.

Improving the immune system
Another important benefit of Alis carbonated apple juice is that it can improve the body’s immune system. The proper amount of vitamin C in apples can improve the body’s immune system against microbes and bacteria.

Preventing cancer
Alis carbonated apple juice is your best weapon against tumors and cancers, especially lung cancer. The flavonoids and phenolic acids in this drink can prevent the growth of tumors and cancerous cells.

A cure for constipation
Constipation is a serious health issue that occurs whenever the large intestine absorbs a lot of water. Apples contain sorbitol which offers a solution for this issue.

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    Carbonated apple juice
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    ویتامین A
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    carbon dioxide, citric acid, drinking water, sugar, apple flavor, apple concentrate
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