Alis blueberry carbonated juice is made from blueberry extract which is a plant with flowers with berry-like fruits that are dark blue or purple. This fruit is one of the most delicious summer fruits that come from North America and plays a major role in improving the brain’s function, preventing cancer, and softening dry skins.

Other benefits of this drink include lowering cholesterol, increasing the blood glucose level, preventing cancer, and improving memory function. The antioxidants in this drink can help the rejuvenation and freshness of the skin. This drink is also effective in losing weight and it’s usually recommended to be included in diets for losing weight.
Other than being delicious, Alis blueberry carbonated juice brings you all the benefits of blueberry fruit.

Most important benefits of Alis blueberry carbonated juice
The daily consumption of multivitamins can lead to an increased energy level.
The daily consumption of multivitamins has a positive effect on your mood and relaxation.
Improving the body’s immune system
The nutritional values of Alis blueberry carbonated juice.

As we mentioned before, this drink has many benefits for the body. We all know that the most important ingredient of this drink is the blueberry fruit itself. Blueberry is one of those fruits that contains so many nutritional values.
This delicious fruit contains a large number of antioxidants. Drinking a glass of Alis blueberry carbonated juice can provide you with all these benefits:

Gallic acid
Vitamin K: provides 35% of the body’s daily needs
Vitamin C: provides 25% of the body’s daily needs
Manganese: provides 25% of the body’s daily needs
Fiber: provides 17% of the body’s daily needs

Production of Alis blueberry carbonated juice
To produce Alis blueberry carbonated juice, the blueberry concentrate is mixed with water and it becomes carbonated by certain methods that don’t change the taste and benefits of blueberry. The next steps include packing and sending to the distribution center so that the customers can enjoy the delicious taste of this product.

  • Product name

    Carbonated blueberry drink
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A , ویتامین E
  • Size

    250cc , 330CC
  • Ingredient

    stabilizer (pectin), acid citric (E330), brilliant blue food color, fructose syrup, white sugar (4%), semi-natural blueberry flavor, apple concentrate
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