Among various carbonated drinks, none is as popular in the world as Alis cola drink. This drink is so popular that you can find it at any shop almost all over the world.
Using the best ingredients and production machines, Alis is trying to provide the Iranian customer with the real taste of this drink.

Alis cola drink with golden benefits
Cola nut can be considered as the most important ingredient of this drink. This nut is energizing and is effective in reducing appetite and improving the digestion system. These nuts are also antibacterial and are used to eliminate harmful bacteria. This magical nut also increases blood circulation and the process of oxygen delivery to different parts of the body.

Pleasant and exhilarating
Usually, when we talk about caffeine, we think about coffee and everything related to it. But it is interesting to know that that this energizing substance also exists in Alis cola drink. Caffeine increases consciousness and improves brain function by increasing the bloodstream of the brain. Exhilaration property is another benefit of this substance for the body which can provide you with a feeling of happiness and relaxation after drinking it.
Another effect of caffeine on our body is increasing the speed of fat molecules; a benefit that is partly due to the energizing property of caffeine.

An energy drink
Alis cola drink helps you to regain your lost energy after heavy physical activities. Don’t forget that like any other drinks, excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can have bad effects on your body.
Alis cola drink is available in 200cc (single), 330cc (can), and 1500cc (family) sizes.

  • Product name

    Cola soft drinks
  • مــواد تشکیـل دهنـده

  • ویتامین ها

  • Size

    1500cc , 250cc , 330CC
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