Unlike similar products that use CO2 gas, Alis carbonated yogurt drink is the result of a natural process of fermentation and specific microorganisms. Since some people are used to have carbonated drinks with their meals and since they have some bad effects on the body, this product can be a great substitute for those who care about their health.

Carbonated in a natural process
Besides providing the experience of having a great drink, Alis carbonated yogurt drink can provide you with its benefits.
Using 2CO gas in the carbonation process of drinks can increase the acids of the blood and can weaken the strength of the bones. That’s why Alis Company uses an alternative and natural way to produce carbonated yogurt drinks. In this method, the lactose sugar in milk is fermented under special conditions by microorganisms that naturally exist in this drink and makes it carbonated. This make Alis carbonated yogurt drink do no harm to your bones.

Alis carbonated yogurt drink; health and peace
As a product made from natural milk, Alis carbonated yogurt drink can provide a major part of your body need for calcium and vitamins B and D. The positive effect on the digestion system is one of the most important properties of this product. Alis carbonated yogurt drink improves digestion function and also eliminates harmful bacteria in the digestion system.
Alis carbonated yogurt drink can also give you the pleasure of peaceful sleep. If you like to enjoy having a carbonated drink and if your health matters to you, Alis carbonated yogurt drink is the best choice for you. This product is available in three sizes: 250cc, 275cc, and 1500cc

  • Product name

    Carbonated dough
  • vitamin

    ویتامین B
  • Size

    1500cc , 250cc , 275cc
  • Ingredient

    drinking water , استارتر ترموفیل , شیر پاستوریزه , نمک تصفیه شده صنایع غذایی
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