Alis orange and mango carbonated juice is a delicious and lovely combination of two healthy fruits called orange and mango.
Mango is a perfect fruit regarding strength, smell, taste, sweetness. Minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, copper and selenium, protein, fiber and, carbohydrates, made mango a healthy and useful fruit. Its combination with one of the healthiest fruits like orange can bring you an unforgettable memory.

Benefits of Alis orange and mango carbonated juice
Anemia is a disease that occurs due to an insufficient amount of red blood cells in the body. The lack of iron is the main reason for this situation. This drink provides enough amount of vitamin C and can absorb iron into the bloodstream.

Beauty and rejuvenation of the skin
The antioxidant property of this drink can lead to a fresh, beautiful, and young skin. Moreover, with a combination of vitamin C in orange, antioxidants can protect the skin cells against the effect of free radicals. So, drinking Alis orange and mango carbonated juice is the best method to make your skin look young and fresh for a long time.

Preventing cataracts
This drink also can prevent cataracts. The vitamin A in this drink can prevent the occurrence of cataracts in the eyes.

Preventing brain strokes
The daily consumption of this drink also can prevent brain stroke. This benefit is due to the ingredients in this drink that can improve the process of the bloodstream.

Improves the body’s immune system.
Alis orange and mango carbonated juice also contains vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotenoids. These substances are mixed together to keep the body’s immune system strong and healthy.

Lowers the cholesterol level
This drink can provide your body with enough amount of vitamin C. pectin and vitamin C are mixed together to lower the serum cholesterol level, especially low-density lipoprotein.

It is good for anemia
Iron is one of the most important nutrients that its deficiency can lead to serious health problems such as anemia. You can provide a significant amount of your body’s need for iron by drinking this juice once per day.

Prevents cancer
This drink is rich is in antioxidant components such as astragalin, methyl gallate, thizu quercetin, fisetin, quercetin and Gallic acid. All these components are good for reducing the risk of breast, blood and prostate cancers. There is also a soluble fiber in this drink called pectin which also plays an important role.

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    Carbonated orange drink with mango flavor
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    Vitamin A
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    carbon dioxide, citric acid, drinking water, sugar, orange and mango flavor, orange and mango concentrate
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