The properties of barberry and pomegranate are so plenty that we can talk about them all day long. Alis barberry and pomegranate carbonated juice is rich in different kinds of vitamin. More than 50 percent of this delicious drink has natural barberry and pomegranate juice in it.

Ingredients of Alis barberry and pomegranate carbonated juice
Ingredients of this drink include fructose syrup, pomegranate concentrate, white sugar, barberry concentrate, carbon dioxide, acid citric, pomegranate flavoring, anthocyanin natural color, and drinking water, each of which has its own nutritional values.

Benefits of Alis barberry and pomegranate carbonated juice
This drink has many positive effects on human health due to the presence of barberry and pomegranate. These benefits include:

Regulation of the blood pressure
Having this drink can help the nourishment of the liver and improves its function. Moreover, barberry juice can clean the liver and kidneys.

Curing cardiovascular diseases
This drink contains an active component called berbamine that can protect the heart against any harm to the heart’s tissues through the regulation of the density of calcium ions. The regulation of these calcium ions can prevent strokes.

Losing weight
Drinking Alis barberry and pomegranate carbonated drink increases the fat burning process and leads to losing weight.

Prevent diabetes
This drink can control the blood glucose level and is very useful for preventing diabetes. The simultaneous consumption of this drink with medicines to reduce the blood glucose level can lead to some complications.

Some of the other benefits of this drink are:

Improving the body’s immune system
Blood purifier
Lowering the blood lipids
Lowering the urea
The best option for Aphthous stomatitis treatment
Treatment for acne on face and body
Treatment for gallstones
Quench thirst

As you can see, this drink has many benefits for the body’s health and drinking it can cure lots of issues and disorders. It is recommended by us to include this drink in your daily meals.

  • Product name

    Carbonated pomegranate juice
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1000cc , 250cc
  • Ingredient

    carbon dioxide, citric acid, drinking water, sugar, anthocyanin food color, pomegranate and barberry flavor, pomegranate and barberry concentrate
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