If you want to greet yourself and your guests with a special drink and make a memorable day for them, you must try Alis carbonated white grape juice.
Besides its delicious taste, this drink has many benefits for your health.

The benefits of Alis carbonated white grape juice
1. It lowers the level of cholesterol in the body and if your cholesterol level is already low, this drink can provide your body with enough amount of cholesterol. With the proper amount of cholesterol, the risk of clogging arteries will no longer threaten you and the health of your heart will be maintained.
2. Can reduce the risk of tumor formation in your body and therefore prevents cancers.
3. It brings your body’s nitric oxide to a proper level and also prevents the formation of blood clots in your blood vessels so you will be protected against heart diseases.
4. If you drink this product regularly, your blood pressure will be regulated properly and you no longer need to be worry about high or low blood pressure.
5. The consumption of this drink provides you with anti-aging benefits and helps you to maintain a proper weight.
6. If you drink this product regularly, you will get rid of cough and heartburn.
7. It eliminates blood disorders and cleanses the blood.
8. If you suffer from constipation, you must try this drink.
9. It improves your body’s immune system.
10. It is good for treating migraines if you drink this product in the mornings.

Alis carbonated white grape juice; healthy and nutrient
If you feel weak and think that you are unable to do your daily activities properly, the reason is that your body is weakened and needs strengthening. Alis carbonated white grape juice can strengthen your body.

Special and pure
This product is made with the most modern machines and the best raw materials. In the preparation process of this product, no chemical substances are used so you can get familiar with a pure taste of a fantastic drink. If you want to enjoy this drink even more, drink it cold.
This product is available in 750cc bottles which are so popular and proper for cheering your guests.

  • Product name

    Carbonated white grape
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A , ویتامین B , ویتامین C
  • Size

  • Ingredient

    drinking water , آب گازدار , اسید سیتریک (تنظیم اسیدیته) 300ppm , پکتین , رنگ طبیعی , شربت فروکتوز , شکر سفید (4%) , طعم دهنده انگور سفید , کنسانتره انگور سفید
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