We always think that herbal drinks are only good for those who follow a certain diet and we cannot drink them but this is wrong.
If you are interested in drinking herbal drinks, you can experience the real taste of an herbal drink by trying Alis mojito or Alis mint lemon juice.
Alis mojito is one of the pure herbal drinks that are very popular in the world of beverages.

Alis mojito; special and delicious
This drink is made of high-quality raw materials and has no negative effects on the body. This drink is so delicious and popular that everyone likes it. Besides being delicious, Alis mojito has many benefits for the body. For example, this drink protects you against heatstroke.

Alis mojito; rich in antioxidants
Due to its antioxidants, this drink prevents dangerous diseases including cancers and is good for the health of the heart and nerves.
Mint is the main ingredient of this drink which is rich in antioxidants that can protect you against many diseases and threats. Moreover, due to its vitamin C, lemon juice can provide the necessary mineral substances for the body.

Alis mojito and improving the body’s immune system
This drink plays a major role in improving the body’s immune system. As we mentioned earlier, the vitamin C in this drink strengthens the body cells against diseases and harms.

Alis mojito and relieving from inflammation
Another benefit of this drink is its anti-inflammatory property that helps intestinal motility. In this situation, the alimentary tract and other areas that are prone to inflammation are protected.

The beauty and rejuvenation of the skin
One of the recommended ways to beautify and rejuvenate the skin is drinking those drinks that increases the body’s temperature and are completely pure and healthy. Alis mojito helps to treat many pimples, acne, eczema, etc. moreover, the antioxidant in these drinks can decrease the aging symptoms and wrinkled skin.

Treating bad breath
You might be one of those people who suffer from bad breath due to some digestive or internal issues in the body. Drinking this product is the best possible solution. In fact, this product is a cooling drink and has an antibacterial nature. That’s why it’s good for treating bad breath.

Maintaining the alimentary tract’s health
Alis mojito helps to maintain and improve the alimentary tract’s health. Digestive diseases are common because of consuming low-quality foods. That’s why its health is very important.

  • Product name

    Carbonatede lemon drink with mint flavor
  • vitamin

    Vitamin A , Vitamin C
  • Size

  • Ingredient

    drinking water , آب گازدار , اسید سیتریک (تنظیم اسیدیته) 300ppm , پکتین , رنگ طبیعی , شربت فروکتوز , شکر سفید (4%) , طعم دهنده لیمو و نعناع , کنسانتره لیمو
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