Alis mineral water contains vitamin A and minerals such as calcium, nitrite, magnesium, sodium, fluoride, calcium carbonate, chloride, PH, nitrate, bicarbonate, and sulfate, each of which has its own benefits. Improving the body’s immune, quenching thirst, regulating the body’s water level, expelling toxins of the body, lowering body’s temperature, expelling the toxins and rinsing of the mouth and stomach, helping to eliminate infections and kidney stones, and increasing the oxygen consumption and excretion of nitrogen and sulfur are some of the benefits of this healthy mineral water.

  • Product name

    Mineral water
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1500cc , 500cc
  • Ingredient

    بی‌کربنات , پ.اچ , سدیم , سولفات , فلوئورید , کربنات‌ کلسیم , کلراید , کلسیم , منیزیم , نیترات , نیتریت
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