Alis non-carbonated yogurt drink with mint flavor is a delicious and nutritious company in your meals. Besides its delicious and unique taste, the mint in this drink enriches it in terms of nutritional value compared to other usual yogurt drinks.

Have more energy with Alis
It is interesting to know that every glass of this drink (200cc) has 72 calories. This drink also is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins such as B6, B2, D, and B12.
As you know, osteoporosis is one of the most common issues among people, especially the elderly. Consistent consumption of this drink can prevent this issue to the presence of calcium and vitamin D in it.

Alis non-carbonated yogurt drink with mint flavor; healthy and relaxing
The mint used in this drink has relaxing properties and is useful for treating respiratory inflammation such as asthma. It is interesting to know that the combination of mint and doogh (yogurt drink) can be an ideal drink for those who want to lose some weight. This drink helps your body to burn more fats in your daily activities by releasing more digestive enzymes.

A delicious drink with natural preservatives
Unfortunately, many dairy products on the market use chemical preservatives to extend the life of their products, which is extremely harmful to human health. But for this drink, the heating process is used to extend its life.
Heated yogurt drink is a product that experiences the heating and pasteurization process twice. This reduces the microorganisms as much as possible and extends the life of this product. The Heating and special packaging of this product make it last a month without the use of chemical preservatives. But keep that in mind that this product must be kept in the refrigerator.

Alis non-carbonated yogurt drinks with mint flavor are available in four sizes. You can purchase this product in 33cc (can), 275cc (single), 1500cc (family), and 280cc (cup) sizes.

  • Product name

    Mint flavored non-carbonated dough
  • vitamin

    ویتامین B
  • Size

    1500cc , 275cc , 280cc
  • Ingredient

    drinking water , استارتر ترموفیل , شیر پاستوریزه , طعم دهنده های مجاز طبیعی (نعناع) , نمک
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