Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer is one of the newest flavors in the family of beers which can be a new experience certainly for those who like coffee. Besides boosting energy levels and alertness, Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer has other benefits such as fat burning and preventing Alzheimer’s.

Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer: an energy drink
Drinking Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer makes you feel less tired and raises your alertness level. The reason for this is the presence of a kind of stimulant in coffee which is called caffeine; a stimulant that is actually the most common psychedelic substance in the world.
In other words, after drinking Alis coffee non-alcoholic beers, the caffeine will be absorbed into the bloodstream. After passing through the checkpoint of the brain, this substance reaches the central nervous system. After reaching the central nervous system, the caffeine takes care of fatigue and drowsiness and stops their activity.
The caffeine in Alis coffee non-alcoholic beers increases the production rate of norepinephrine and dopamine. Norepinephrine is an urgent factor for maintaining concentration, emotional control, and learning and perception. Dopamine is also urgent for one’s ability, energy, and joy.
Several controlled experiments on humans show that drinking Alis coffee non-alcoholic beers improve various aspects of brain function; such as memory, habitude, alertness, energy, reaction time, and cognitive function.

Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer and boosting metabolism of the body
Due to its caffeine and its fat-burning feature, drinking this non-alcoholic beer can boost the metabolism of the body by 3 to 11 percent. That is why this drink always exists in food supplements and has lots of fans due to its delicious taste.

Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer; exhilarating and delicious.
Depression is a serious mental illness that lowers the quality of life to such a great extent. This disease is unbelievably common among those who work long hours.
Due to its caffeine, Alis coffee non-alcoholic beer makes you lively and reduces the risk of getting depressed.
This drink is available in two sizes: single size (320cc and 330cc) and family size (1000cc).

  • Product name

    Non-alcoholic beer coffee
  • vitamin

    ویتامین B
  • Size

    320cc , 330CC
  • Ingredient

    citric acid, carbonated water, ascorbic acid, hops, fructose syrup, white sugar, coffee flavoring, malt extract
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