Non-alcoholic beers are usually made of barley extract but Alis golden non-alcoholic beer is a new product in which exists, wheat malt extract instead of barley malt. Wheat malt has more sweetness in it than barley malt.
The nutritional properties of this drink are also different from barley non-alcoholic beers. Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer is full of vitamins like E and A and the various minerals in it can fulfill the body’s needs for mineral substances.

Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer; sweet taste and low calorie
Despite the sweet taste of Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer, this drink has a low-calorie level. A glass of this product has only 56 calories of energy. The maltose in this drink is the reason for its sweetness that unlike regular sugars, has a low amount of calories and its consumption will not lead to any kind of damage to your body.
If the naturally bitter taste of classic non-alcoholic beers is not compatible with your taste, you can choose golden lemon ones and experience a new drink with a delicious taste.

Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer and its medicinal property
Wheat malt extract in this drink is one of the best sources of vitamin E. This vitamin can slow down the aging process of the body cells and is considered to be an important factor in hair health and preventing hair loss.
The vitamin E presented in this drink has an anticoagulant property and it can prevent the blood from clotting and thus reduces the risk of stroke.
An ideal drink to start the day with
Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal in our diet and the consumption of foods that can fulfill various needs of the body is an important factor as well.
Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer is full of different minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus and, calcium along with A and E vitamins and drinking it with breakfast can fulfill a large amount of the body needs for these mineral substances.
Drinking Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer with your breakfast can provide you with a complete meal at the beginning of your day.

Alis golden lemon non-alcoholic beer; healthy and nutrient
The vitamin A in this drink is one of the most needed substances for teeth and bone health. Improving the eye functioning is the other advantage of having this vitamin.
Due to its vitamin A, using this drink can increase the production level of pigments in the retina area and can improve eye functioning, especially at night.
With its unique taste and having a series of healthy and necessary substances for the health of the body, this drink can be an ideal substitute for carbonated drinks in our diet. This drink is available in single (320cc) and family (1000cc) sizes.
Although no chemical preservatives are used in its production process, this drink can stay safe and healthy for up to 6 months if kept in the refrigerator.

  • Product name

    Non-alcoholic beer of malt and wheat with lemon
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1000cc , 320cc
  • Ingredient

    carbon dioxide , citric acid , drinking water , sugar , اسید اسکوربیک , طعم دهنده لیمو , عصاره رازک , عصاره مالت گندم
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