Tropical fruits are various, delicious and healthy and a combination of them in the form of a drink can provide you with a different and unique taste; a charming drink for all seasons that has lots of fans and is compatible with all different kinds of tastes.

Alis tropical fruits non-alcoholic beer properties
The additives in this drink made it delicious. You may be wondering why we don’t use flavorings in the process of making this drink. The reason for this is that if we use flavorings in this drink, the amount of sugar consumption will rise, and therefore the calorie of this drink will be high as well; a factor that can lead to negative effects such as obesity.
Moreover, the addition of flavorings can alter the real taste of tropical fruits in this drink so you will be provided with the usual delicious taste.

Medicinal properties of Alis tropical non-alcoholic beer
Alis tropical fruits non-alcoholic beer has many medicinal properties for different ages which will be discussed briefly:

IQ increase and relaxation
Sleep regulation
Reconstruction and restoring the body’s lost energy
Improving the hear blood transfusion function
Medicinal properties for pregnant and lactating women
Lowering the risk of heart diseases and some kinds of cancers
Protecting the body from the brain and heart strokes
Preventing cholera
Curing constipation
Excretion of kidney stones
Respirator and alimentary canal disinfectant
Hair growth and preventing hair loss
Quench thirst
Relaxing the nerves
Stress reduction
Preventing high blood pressure
Positive effects on skin

All these advantages have made this drink one of the most popular Iranian drink. Many people use this drink as a substitute for sodas in their meals. This drink is available in single (320cc and 330cc) and family (1000cc) sizes.

  • Product name

    Non-alcoholic beer of malt with tropical fruit
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1000cc , 250cc , 330CC
  • Ingredient

    carbon dioxide, drinking water, sugar, ascorbic acid, tropical fruit flavoring, hop extract, malt extract
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