Alis classic non-alcoholic beer is made from barley sprouts and hops and each glass of this drink (200cc) has 40 calories of energy. Hari and skin health, relieving stress, improving kidney function, relieving intestinal inflammation and, reducing the risk of heart diseases are just some of the benefits of this drink.

Alis classic non-alcoholic beer; an elixir for hair health
This drink is rich in vitamin B and necessary amino acids for the body. Out of 20 different important amino acids, 16 types are presented in this drink.
Due to having these kinds of substances, drinking Alis Classic non-alcoholic beer performs a major role in skin and hair health and is effective in preventing hair loss. Naturally in the aging process, hair follicles become weaker and the hair loss process starts. But the regular consumption of Alis classic non-alcoholic beers can make hair follicles stronger and the speed of the hair loss process becomes normal.
Other benefits of Vitamin B which is existed in this drink include stress and neurological disorders reduction. Since this vitamin exits in a solute form in this drink, it can perform a major role in stress reduction.

Alis classic non-alcoholic beer; delicious and healthy
The bitter taste of this drink is due to the presence of the hop plant in it. Hops have antibiotic benefits and are also good for maintaining the kidney’s health. The diuretic quality of this drink can help you to expel any possible stones in your kidney. It is also interesting to know that the B6 vitamin in this drink can prevent any disorders in the metabolism of proteins, blood acidification, and, developing stones in the kidney.
Soluble fiber is another ingredient in this drink. This substance prevents intestinal inflammation and is also good for improving stomach function. This soluble fiber is a good food source for useful bacteria of intestines and also reduces the harmful bacteria in the body. Besides the regulation of intestines movement, this substance can also prevent the risk of heart and brain strokes to some extent. Alis classic non-alcoholic beers are available in three sizes; 320cc, 330cc and, 1000cc. its canned size lasts up to a year and single and family sizes last up to 6 months.

  • Product name

    Non-alcoholic malt beverage
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1000cc , 320cc
  • Ingredient

    carbon dioxide , drinking water , اسید اسکوربیک , عصاره رازک , عصاره مالت
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