One of the reasons for Alis lemon drink popularity is that there are no synthetic food colors used in it. Of course synthetic food color does not harm the body but it is an issue for some customers.
Moreover, due to its sour taste, the Alis lemon drink is highly recommended for people with diabetes.

Alis lemon drink popularity
Another reason for this product’s popularity is that it can eliminate your fatigue. That’s why so many people who feel fatigued and tiredness choose to drink this product.
The popularity of this drink is due to its exhilaration property. The sugar in Alis lemon drink energizes the body.
In fact, drinking this product will restore the energy and happiness in your body. That why many athletes drink it while they exercise to keep their joy and energy and do more physical activity.

Delicious and proper for every taste
Every taste enjoys drinking this product. The lemon flavor makes this drink delicious. Moreover, the sugar in this drink has a natural taste and makes a delicious combination with the sour taste of lemon.
Alis lemon drink is available in 250cc (single), 330cc (can), and 1500cc (family) sizes.

  • Product name

    Soft drink with lemon flavor
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1500cc , 250cc , 330CC
  • Ingredient

    carbon dioxide , citric acid , drinking water , sugar , طعم دهنده لیمویی , نگهدارنده
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