Alis traditional yogurt drink contains savory, wild thyme, and oregano. Besides having the benefits of consumable plants, this product is also at a high-quality level regarding the usage of the most updated technology. The combination of the plant extract in this drink gives it a unique taste and also improves the body’s immune system. Containing savory, wild thyme, and oregano, this product can bring to mind the reminiscent taste of traditional yogurt drinks.
If your health matters to you, this product can be an ideal choice. This drink, especially with traditional foods such as Abgoosht or any kind of kebab, can provide you with a delicious and healthy combination.

Good smell, better properties
You may think that wild thyme is added to this drink only because of its special taste and smell. But this plant has various medicinal properties as well. If you suffer from digestion issues or tenesmus, the wild thyme in this drink can strengthen the stomach and helps the digestion system. The wild thyme in this drink is also good for treating respiratory system infections and improves its function.

An ideal option for high-fat foods
One of the reasons people used to drink traditional yogurt drinks along with high-fat foods is the presence of savory in this product. The savory in this product eliminates the negative effect of high-fat foods on the body by controlling the level of blood cholesterol. Moreover, the potassium in this plant has a major role in cardiovascular health and improves the function of the circulatory system. So don’t forget to drink Alis traditional yogurt drink with your high-fat foods.

High nutritional value
People tend to know yogurt drinks as a soporific drink. But with its collection of B vitamins and special organic components, the oregano in this drink can increase your body’s metabolism and gives you more energy. Moreover, the iron in this drink can boost the circulatory system by increasing the hemoglobin level and provides a better oxygen supply to the muscles and cells of the body.
The amount of salt in this drink is too low and that’s why you won’t suffer the complications of eating salt through drinking this product. Alis traditional yogurt drink is available in single (275cc) and family (1250cc and 1500cc) sizes. Don’t forget that no chemical preservatives are used to produce this drink so you must keep it in your refrigerator.

  • Product name

    Traditional dough
  • vitamin

    ویتامین A
  • Size

    1250cc , 1500cc , 275cc
  • Ingredient

    drinking water , استارتر ترموفیل , شیر پاستوریزه , طعم دهنده های مجاز طبیعی (پونه کوهی و کاکوتی) , نمک
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