Alis vitamin D milk, one step toward being healthy
Drinking Alis vitamin D milk will make you absorb much more vitamin D and calcium compared to usual milk. This can help bone structure in the growth process and it prevents osteoporosis in middle age and old age.

The benefits of Alis vitamin D milk
You have probably heard of vitamin D milk. This drink actually becomes produced by enriching the milk. Although natural milk is one of the most nutrient drinks, the vitamin D in it is yet not enough to provide the body’s need for this vital substance. That’s why Alis Company produced vitamin D milk by enriching the milk so you can provide a major part of your body’s need for vitamin D only by drinking this product twice a day.

Good for the bones
Vitamin D performs a major role in the brain growth process and the lack of it can drain your energy and make you depressed. This vitamin is also urgent for the strength and health of the bones and teeth. Exposure to sunlight can help our body to produce some part of its needed vitamin D. but the thing is that we are less exposed to sunlight in this technological life nowadays, so putting vitamin D milk in your diet can provide a major part of people’s need for this vital substance.

The connection of calcium and vitamin D
Drinking milk is considered to be one of the best ways to absorb calcium. But it is interesting to know that without vitamin D, a great part of the calcium you drank, won’t even get absorbed by the body. So the lack of vitamin D is directly related to the lack of calcium. Not only vitamin D milk can provide the body need for vitamin D, but it also can absorb more calcium and help the strength and growth of the bones. This drink also prevents osteoporosis in old age.

The necessity of drinking Alis vitamin D milk
About a century ago, dairy producers in the UK started producing vitamin D milk for the first time. After that, other counties started enriching this dairy product. Nowadays with drinking low fat and zero fat milk becoming common, drinking vitamin D milk seems more urgent than ever because this vitamin is one of the fat-soluble vitamins. A large amount of fat is eliminated from the milk in the production process. Enriching the milk with vitamin D can bring fat back to the milk.

A solution to vitamin D deficiency
According to researches, more than 90% of Iranian people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. This is more common among women. Developing the use of fortified substances such as vitamin D milk is one of the most important solutions to control the damage caused by vitamin D deficiency. Considering this point, Alis Company started producing vitamin D milk. By consuming two glasses of Alis vitamin D milk daily, you can provide your body’s need for vitamin D and absorb other healthy substances in natural milk as well.

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    ویتامین A
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    شیر تازه , ماده خشک بدون چربی , ویتامین D3
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