Offering export-oriented products with respect to customer needs

Alis Holding is one of the largest producers and exporters of various beverages in the country, and has strived over the years to offer a product suitable for global export, utilizing the best and highest quality raw materials and modern technology.

Alis Holding’s supportive measures for its export representatives

Based on its remarkable activities over the years, Alis Holding has been able to provide unparalleled support, including the following measures, for its export representatives:


  • Regular contact with overseas representatives

The lack of communication by suppliers often leads to dissatisfaction and complaints from many international buyers. Therefore, the Alis Export Center regularly communicates with its customers through social networks, frequently visits its export destinations, reviews the progress made, and provides necessary support after receiving feedback from its representatives.


  • Providing excellent customer service

Experienced Alis experts, by creating necessary coordination in production centers, warehouses, and transportation and export sectors, with precise and regular planning, have put all their effort and capability into ensuring timely delivery of goods.


  • Regular review of the supply chain

The Alis Export Group, under the guidance of experienced managers, also contacts potential customers and provides free consultation to guide them in the correct selection of products.


  • Participation in international exhibitions

Alis Holding is a consistently dynamic group and has managed to actively pursue its goals through a constant presence in national and international forums such as media, social networks, and exhibitions.


  • Planning for the development of the export market

The success of Alis products abroad is equally important to the group and our export partners. Therefore, to assist in increasing sales and maintaining a continuous relationship, Alis Group always proceeds with its partners according to a regular development plan with mutual agreement.


  • Leveraging experience to create new markets

We are always striving to initiate exports to new markets by leveraging our experiences, feedback, and skills.


The success story of Alis exports

Quoted from the Alis export team: Exports are very important for our business. All our products have high sales in export markets due to their good taste and excellence. Our most successful export markets are the Middle East and CIS countries, where we have witnessed their repeated purchases and have seen significant sales growth in new markets we have entered over the past years.


Effective measures for exporting a product

  • Which Incoterms should you use?

Incoterms are internationally agreed-upon rules that determine the terms of delivery of goods. Allowing the buyer and seller to agree on the details of sale terms prevents misunderstandings in the future.


  • What documents do you need?

Regarding what documents you need to prepare and how long it takes to obtain them, first consult with the importer of the goods, as this affects the timing of your goods delivery.


  • How can you determine an export price for your product?

Always discuss the details and terms of Incoterms with your customer. Before quoting a price, try to understand the customer’s needs.


  • Have a written agreement

Although not mandatory, it is recommended to have a written agreement drafted and verified by an experienced lawyer.


  • Product liability insurance

All international shipping companies responsible for cargo transport are responsible for product insurance until the end of the shipping process, upon receiving the fee from the owner of the goods


  • Certificate of Origin (CO)

A Certificate of Origin is required to confirm the origin of goods and is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of each country.


  • Issuing a health certificate

This is necessary for the approval of exports of all food products.