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The benefits of Alis strawberry milkAlis strawberry milk specifically refers to a dairy drink that is flavored by adding fresh strawberry, strawberry syrup, or strawberry powder to milk and served […]

The benefits of Alis strawberry milk
Alis strawberry milk specifically refers to a dairy drink that is flavored by adding fresh strawberry, strawberry syrup, or strawberry powder to milk and served as a cool drink. Although this drink is not as popular as cocoa and chocolate milk, it is one of the most popular drinks in North America. Other than America, this drink is also very popular in Germany, where various companies sell this drink as a powder or syrup that is added to the milk.

An overview of the preparation of strawberry milk
Ingredients needed for making strawberry milk include fresh strawberries, milk, and sugar. The preparation process is very easy. The sliced strawberry is mixed with milk and sugar, becomes cold with ice to be prepared for serving. Strawberry syrup or powder can also be used in this process.

The benefits of strawberry milk
Strawberry milk is good for health because strawberry is a rich source of mineral substances and vitamins that are healthy and nutritious. The following will tell you more about the benefits of strawberry and strawberry milk.

Strawberry is rich in detoxifiers and antioxidants that can help you in treating gout and arthritis.
The lack of some mineral substances and vitamin in the body is bad for your eye’s health. By drinking strawberry milk, the body can get enough useful antioxidants and notorious substances the can help the eye’s health.
The effect of strawberries on the skin is undeniable. Strawberries are good for treating acne so by eating strawberries you can naturally get rid of blemishes and pimples on the skin. Bad environmental effects can also be treated by drinking milk or eating strawberries. This fact also can’t be denied that women’s skin suffers during the menstrual cycle. The skin can be in great status by drinking a cup of strawberry milk.
Due to the healthy and nutritious substances in milk and strawberry, brain function can be improved by drinking this product.
The flavonoids in strawberries enrich them with anti-cancer and antioxidants properties so they can help you with preventing cancers.
Since milk flavored with fruit contains a large amount of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants, it can protect the body against heart deceases.
The magnesium and potassium in strawberries, make strawberry milk a good option for lowering blood pressure.
Everybody enjoys the delicious taste of strawberry milk and it makes people become interested in drinking milk; so it can help to prevent birth defects and infections caused by colds.
In the end, it should be mentioned that Alis Production Company produces this product that is a combination of milk and fruits that are rich in calcium, phosphorous, different kinds of vitamins and proteins. For the first time in Iran, Alis strawberry milk is produced using the best technology in the world and is provided to our dear customers.
The combination of strawberry extract and a percentage of fortified milk gives this product a sour and natural taste. This product is a good option for those kids who don’t like to drink milk and prefer juices. Therefore, even the kids will drink a healthier product.

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